We are able to calibrate or repair all types of process control instruments for any type of application

Process Control Instrumentation Calibration & Repair

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Process control instrumentation calibration

Process Measuring, Controlling, and Recording Instruments

We are able to calibrate or repair all manufacturers’ type process instruments for any type of application. We have experience with a wide variety of instrumentation used in the process environment from analyzers to transmitters. Typical process instruments we repair and calibrate are flow, pressure and level transmitters,magnetic flow meters, ultrasonic flow and level, and combustion and water treatment analyzers.

All instrument calibrations and repairs are performed by qualified specialists and can be custom documented to meet your needs. We are able to provide on-site N.I.S.T. traceable calibrations for flow meters used for process and revenue applications. Calibration Certificates are issued at the time of Calibration. We have many years of experience with calibrations during plant outages for generation and other industries.

We are available for on-site service or repair 24/7 and we offer on call service, or scheduled maintenance and calibration.

Types of Industries We Typically Service

  • Power Generation
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Aerospace
  • Petrochemical
  • Gas Exploration
  • Plastics Manufacturing
  • Mineral Processing
  • Beverage Processing and Bottling
  • Chemical and Paint Manufacturing
  • Paper and Wood Processing
  • Automotive and Battery Manufacturing
  • Wineries and Breweries
  • Confectionery and Sugar Industries
  • Government Contracting


Water and Wastewater Instrumentation

We have over 40 years of experience in water and wastewater instrument installations, calibration and repair. From systems integration, telemetry, flow meter calibrations, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, alarm systems, chemical feed, and disinfectant systems, Moyer Instruments offers professional, on time solutions.

Services we provide:

Flow Meter Installation, Calibration and Repair.

Includes open channel ultrasonic, magnetic flow meters, doppler and transit time, differential, paddle wheel , turbine and positive displacement.

Tank and Wet Well. Ultrasonic, float and conductivity controls.

Measuring and control systems.

Telemetry and SCADA system installation, maintenance and repair.

Process analyzers: Including, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, chlorine, streaming current, pH, etc.

Disinfectant Systems: Tank or wall mounted chlorine gas feeders, hypochlorite pumps and controls UV systems, flow pacing control, weighing systems.

Gas Detection: L.E.L, O2 and H2S Gas Sensor Installation, Calibration and Maintenance.

AutoSamplers: We provide service on auto samplers, composite or sequential, refrigerated and flow paced.

Chemical feed: Lime and caustic, bulk feeders or liquid pumps, polymer feeders and control systems.

Pump and Well Control Instrumentation: Includes pressure, level and flow controls, VFD speed controls and pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

Laboratory Instrumentation: For those treatment facilities that elect to have a DEP or EPA accredited lab, we provide instrument calibration services for laboratory instrumentation, including: spectrophotometer repair, analyzer repair, pH meters, titrators, DO and turbidity, liquid-in-glass and digital thermometers, balances,  baths, fume hoods, ovens and furnaces. In addition, we service atomic absorption spectrometers, GC and ICP.


We offer sales of high quality plant instrumentation from manufacturers such as: Hach, FloMotion, Endress+Hauser, Teledyne Isco, Siemens, Toshiba, etc.

Moyer Instruments has over 37 years of providing scheduled maintenance and Flow Meter Calibrations. We provide calibration reports on site in printed paper form, or send them to you as a .pdf. We maintain a schedule, and provide a courtesy call in advance, to let you know the calibrations are coming up.

Click for a partial list of Municipal Water and Wastewater clients.   

For more information on instrument repair and calibration, please contact us using or contact form or call our hotline number 877-434-5377.

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