“Moyer instruments has provided us with reliable and quality service for over 20 years. It is a pleasure doing business with them.”

George Roskos, Hazleton Shaft Corp.

“Our company has a very old instrument, a Gier Dunkle DB100 infrared reflectometer. I’m not sure when it was made, but the company has long since gone out of business. When it needed repair, I was very thankful to find Moyer Instruments. We’re a testing laboratory and it would have been difficult to do without the instrument. Moyer Instruments supplied us with a loaner and the Gier Dunkle was repaired in a timely manner and for less than the original estimated quote. Broken knobs were even replaced without me asking. We were very pleased and would recommend Moyer Instruments.”

Kathy Eoff, Atlas Weathering Services Group

“Mr. James Moyer, We recently sent you eight Spectronic 20 spectrophotometers that were badly in need of repair. They were received back yesterday. Your staff did a fantastic job. Our calls to check on the status were handled politely and professionally. Even the packaging for the return trip was done very carefully. The work was done perfectly, on time, and on budget. You guys are great! Thanks a million!”

Martin L. Hage, Lecturer in Chemistry and Regulatory Affairs Officer, Northwestern College

“Moyer Instruments solved our Instrumentation installation and service problems. I found them to be very well versed in a wide range of manufacturers and products and have provided excellent service to our plant.”

Richard Bossler, ICI Paints

“It used to be so difficult dealing with instrumentation specialists… then we started with Moyer and my job improved overnight.”

Gene Dodson, Sunsweet

“We go to Moyer Instruments for our Controllers. Working with them makes things easy for me as they understand their products and what we need. We just call up, and it is shipped right away. If there is any delay, they’ll call and tell me when it will ship. They are very well run. I’ve never had a problem. Their website is well designed and the easiest of any I’ve used.”

Peter Caldwell, Caldwell Enterprises

“We rely on the folks at Moyer Instruments to keep our lab and process control equipment in top shape. They are always there when and where we need them, and they have been able to solve some very difficult problems. Moyer Instruments is really good for us – they are a wonderful resource.”

George Michael, Milton Regional Sewer Authority

“When we called on Moyer Instruments for our instrumentation needs, we found just what we were looking for. The best price, great service, and friendly people.”

Jay Whitney, Texas Stress, Inc.

“During this economic down turn, we all, educators, look for reliable and reasonably priced instrument for our teaching laboratory. Although his company was far away from Clemson University in SC, he has helped us tremendously. We purchased three Spectronic 20 spectrophotometers. They have done a fantastic job in answering questions, shipping, aftercare, and questions regarding to future needs. They have never ignore my calls/emails. Jim and his crew have been extremely helpful. I look forward to purchasing other units in the near future.”

-Yuji Arai, Ph.D. Clemson University

“We were in need of fixing our two Spectronic 20 spectrophotometers and after a few Google searches I run into Moyer Instruments. We were really lucky. The service was great, fast, and the price competitive. I would highly recommend the company to any one in need to fix this type of equipment. I will for sure keep using the company for future repairs”

-María Lara-Tejero, Yale University

“I have a Cary 100 UV/VIS spectrophotometer which was working fine, then the next day it displayed an error message: “Error code: 9:9330SEQ:E9330 Chopper not up to speed, Fault report by instrument software while calibrating”. I was ready to have my spectrophotometer returned to the supplier for repair, but decided to look on the web for a local UV/VIS service provider. None were local, but in my search, I contacted Moyer Instruments and spoke with their support team. They told me the problem was that I may have broken a belt that drives the rotating mirrors. I removed the instrument cover and found a broken belt. They told me where to purchase a replacement belt which was $10.46. This saved time a lot of time, otherwise the instrument would have been sent out to the factory for the repair.”

-Dr. Reid Bowman, Earth Science Laboratories