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T-9100/9200 Series Spectrophotometer


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A 7 inch high resolution touch screen with an easy to use interface sets this spectrophotometer in a class all by itself.

Item currently has a 7-10 day lead time.

Main Features

  • Phillips and Milas lamps
  • Totally enclosed monochromator and Si02 coated optical mirror improves readings
  • Standard USB (A) and (B) ports, and RS232 port
  • 32-bit ARM11 microcontroller with 533 MHz clock speed, 20-bit analog device for collecting data
  • Durable socket style Xenon lamps that are easily replaced and 5 year life
  • Highly sensitive silicon photodiode
  • Large sample chamber to meet a variety of needs
  • Test charts and data can be printed directly to your printer

Additional information

Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 31.1 × 25.9 × 14.6 in

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