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Model 22 doseBadge Systems Accessories


Various Accessories for Model 22 doseBadge Personal Dosimetry Systems. Please expand to see pricing options.

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Various Accessories for Model 22 doseBadge Personal Dosimetry Systems. Select for the list to order.

Model 22-R – doseBadge Reader Unit with Integral Acoustic Calibrator

Model 22 – doseBadge with Time History (Data Logging) & Mounting Kit

WS22 – Windshield for doseBadge

K3 – Hard Attache Carry Case for Model 22 doseBadge Systems

CHR22 – Charger Unit for 5 doseBadges

DC22 – Spare USB download cable for doseBadge Reader

PS22 – Mains Power Supply for the Charger Unit (Please specify UK, Europe, or US)

RK1 – Keyfob Remote Control

SM1 – Spare Mounting Kit for doseBadge

SM2 – Small Clip & Safety Pin Mounting Kit for doseBadge

HM1 – doseBadge Helmet Mount Type A

HM2 – doseBadge Helmet Mount Type B

HM3 – doseBadge Helmet Mount Type C

Additional information

Weight 7.00 lbs
Model 22-R (Reader Unit with Integral Acoustic Calibrator)

Model 22 (doseBadge with Time History & Mounting Kit)

WS22 (Windshield)

K3 ( Hard Attache Carry Case)

CHR22 (Charger Unit for 5 doseBadges)

DC22 (USB Cable)

PS22 (Charger Unit Power Supply)

RK1 (Keyfob Remote Control)

SM1 (Spare Mounting Kit for doseBadge)

SM2 (Small Clip & Safety Pin Mounting Kit for doseBadge)

HM1 (doseBadge Helmet Mount Type A)

HM2 (doseBadge Helmet Mount Type B)

HM3 (doseBadge Helmet Mount Type C)


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