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Pulsar Model 14 Sound Level Meter


The Model 14 is a professional Class 2 Sound Level Meter from Pulsar Instruments. This type of meter is used for attaining a general sound level (decibels) in your location.VIEW SPECIFICATIONS

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Low Cost Digital Sound Level Meter Pulsar Model 14 Low Cost Class 2 Noise Meter – ideal for quick spot checks in the workplaceThe Model 14 is the ideal solution for users needing a low cost, accurate instrument for those applications where a Digital Sound Level Meter would be useful but a high specification meter would be too expensive. Many industrial, construction, installation, environmental, sporting or entertainment applications need a simple yet compliant method to determine whether there is, or is not, a genuine noise issue. Once this has been established a sensible plan of action can be implemented. The cost effective Model 14 is very easy to use, while meeting the requirements of the latest international sound level meter standard IEC 61672 at Class 2 accuracy. The Model 14 has a large and easy to read display, which shows the Sound Level (SPL) in decibels. You can select either the standard A-frequency-weighting or the alternative C-frequency-weighting. The maximum hold function allows the unit to freeze the display showing the highest level measured. This is very useful where the allowable level is given in terms of a maximum (LAFmax or LCFmax). For certain applications, such as fire alarm testing, Pulsar offer the choice of ‘Slow’ rather than ‘Fast’ weighting..VIEW SPECIFICATIONS

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 16 in
Class 2 Acoustic Calibrator

WS30 Windshield

Carry Pouch for Sound Level Meter and Calibrator


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